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“I have no doubt this biological explanation of the human condition provides the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race.”

This biological explanation of the human condition can and will save the world and so it is an honour to open the first Canadian Centre for the World Transformation Movement here on the West Coast!

My name is Annette Williamsen, I’m a community health professional, nurse, writer and mother and am more than excited to create a community for those in our part of the world to learn about Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s phenomenal insights, to support one another on what is a massive, paradigm shifting journey, and to help spread these insights here on the West Coast of Canada and to the whole world!

If you’re new then I urge you to visit the main World Transformation Movement website. There are so many free videos, books, essays and podcasts to get you started, but the first four videos on the World Transformation Movement homepage are the key to understanding and solving EVERYTHING, so that is where I recommend you to start!

The WTM Canada Centre is here to help you along your journey, when and if you have questions, but a solid understanding of this biological explanation and the transformation it makes possible, is paramount.

If you have already read or watched a significant amount of content and have questions or want to have a chat or be involved with meetings with others then please get in touch. The more you put in to this, the more you will get out! There is so much to learn about yourself and the world so don't waste a second and just get into it!