“I have no doubt this biological explanation of the human condition provides the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race.”

This biological explanation of the human condition can and will save the world and so it is an honour to open the first Canadian Centre for the World Transformation Movement here on the West Coast!

The most prominent members of the WTM Canada West Coast Centre are Annette Wiliamsen and Bill and Cindy McCaugherty; they are the most well versed in these transforming understandings of the human condition at their centre, and therefore the best placed to help people in their region develop their interest in Jeremy Griffith’s work.

Annette is a community health professional, nurse, writer and mother, who founded the WTM Canada West Coast Centre in 2019. Annette grew up in the wilderness along British Columbia’s coast along the inside passage and has been on a quest for understanding ever since she can remember. She has studied Greek, Hebrew, history and science in search of answers but none of them could complete the picture until she read FREEDOM.

Bill and Cindy have been studying Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition since 2016. Bill has a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemical Engineering, and is an Occupational Hygienist where he works on root cause analysis and accident investigation. Cindy has a Diploma in Architectural and Structural Design, and is a Civil Engineering CAD Technician, who designs and helps build sustainable homes. Bill and Cindy’s video is especially useful when trying to understand how this liberating understanding works in healing your life; and also in how to overcome the very real problem that many people suffer from of the ‘deaf effect’ when trying to access this information.

  • “I’m excited to create a community for those in our part of the world to learn about Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s phenomenal insights, to support one another on what is a massive, paradigm shifting journey”
    Annette Williamsen

    Read the transcript

  • “We can now truly be free of the human condition; free to put our past behind us and to build a wonderful new world...This understanding of humanity will support you no matter where you find yourself. You can lean on it hard”
    Bill and Cindy McCaugherty

    Read the transcript

If you’re new then we urge you to visit the main World Transformation Movement website. There are so many free videos, books, essays and podcasts to get you started, but the first four videos on the World Transformation Movement homepage are the key to understanding and solving EVERYTHING, so that is where we recommend you to start!

MUST, MUST WATCH: Craig Conway, the acclaimed British actor, writer, producer and broadcaster — and the founder of WTM North East England Centre — has brought all his skills to bear to produce the ideal introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition in this absolutely astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy. It’s called ‘THE’ Interview because in it Jeremy gives such a concise and accessible summary of his world-saving explanation of the human condition that it’s nothing less than the most important interview of all time!

The WTM Canada Centre is here to help you along your journey, when and if you have questions, but a solid understanding of this biological explanation and the transformation it makes possible, is paramount.

If you have already read or watched a significant amount of content and have questions or want to have a chat or be involved with meetings with others then please get in touch. The more you put in to this, the more you will get out! There is so much to learn about yourself and the world so don't waste a second and just get into it!

Here is Bill McCaugherty talking about the extraordinary transformation this understanding of the human condition makes possible. It captures Bill’s clear realisation and enunciation of the Transformed State—the way we can all live for humanity now and you can see the freedom that is flooding Bill’s mind and whole being as he makes this amazing discovery. Jeremy Griffith said ‘Bill’s video just should be bottled and given to everyone on this Earth’.

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Canada West Coast News

March 2022

As Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith explains in his book Transform Your Life and Save the World “Clearly what’s been needed to haul the human race out of this (human condition) cesspit of deceit and the psychological trauma it’s creating...is a completely fresh approach to biological thinking that truthfully recognises the association between the emergence of consciousness in humans and the corruption of our original cooperative, all-loving instinctive state. And, in fact, when that honest approach is taken the fully accountable, true biological explanation of our competitive, selfish and aggressive behaviour becomes reasonably obvious — because it makes sense that when our species became fully conscious a battle must have broken out between it and our already established instinctive self and that this internal conflict caused us to become angry, egocentric and alienated; to become psychologically upset sufferers of the human condition.”

The Adam Stork Story

The Adam Stork story, found in Freedom/Video Essay 3, is an excellent resource and is a very simple analogy about a stork suddenly in possession of a fully conscious mind and how he wrestles and argues with his instinctive self when he considers changing and questioning the already ancient established flight path.

THE Interview, also found on the homepage of the World Transformation Movement website (www.humancondition.com), is another wonderful introduction to learning more about the human condition and how this understanding is the key to healing our psychologically troubled state. Watch and listen to Craig Conway (British actor) interview Australian biologist and author of FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition Jeremy Griffith about his world-saving, reconciling, redeeming and rehabilitating explanation for our uniquely human condition-afflicted state.

At long last the understanding of the fundamental biological truth of our human condition, that lies at the core of all human experience, both as individuals and as a species, has been found! The human condition, put simply, is the result of the difference between two biological learning systems – the gene-based learning system (instincts) and the nerve-based learning system (intellect). A clash arose between the two some 2 million years ago when we became fully conscious of our non-ideal behaviour and endeavoured to take conscious control from our instincts which had, until that point, been dictating our behaviour. Our conscious thinking-self needed to find understanding of our instinctive orientation.

Very simple and yet so profound.

January 2022

When chatting with people who are unfamiliar with the concept of the human condition - that it actually is a psychological condition we humans experience and variously suffer from, and that there is an explanation from first-principle-based science for this psychological condition, and that the explanation will bring about the transformation of the human race and save the world - they invariably resist wanting to understand more about it and can be very sceptical.

When this happens I refer them to FAQ 1.9 Should people be sceptical of the claims made about biologist Jeremy Griffith’s work?. This FAQ discusses the point about scepticism. I’ve included the first part of it here, but there is also an elaboration by Jeremy which I highly recommend reading too.

Front cover of 'FREEDOM: The End of The Human Condition' by Jeremy Griffith

“The absolutely astonishing claims made about FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition — such as it being ‘the understanding that ends all prejudices, like racism, forever’; that it provides the ‘true liberation of women and the reconciliation of the sexes’; and that it is nothing less than ‘The book we have been waiting for, it is THE BOOK THAT SAVES THE WORLD!’; indeed, that it presents understanding that brings about the transformation of the world, as in our name the ‘World Transformation Movement’ — warrant initial extreme scepticism and suspicion of delusion, hubris or over-promise. HOWEVER, the amazing fact is that they all withstand scrutiny; a person can begin reading the book and the more they read into it the more they will realise the claims being made are actually true.”

So while these seemingly outrageous claims do attract extreme scepticism, they are actually true, and therefore should be stated. You don’t hide an illuminating lamp — in this case the understanding needed to save the world from fast approaching terminal distress and dysfunction — under a bed; no, you put it on a pedestal where it belongs.

Certainly, what appear to be outrageously hubristic claims can initially be off-putting, but in time they become appreciated for their forthright honesty in indicating where the solution to our problems lies.”

November 2021

I find the following excerpt from Tony Gowing's contribution to Freedom Essay 60 exhilarating!

“The old pre-human-condition-understood world that we come from is so dead that we have almost no ability to appreciate the spectacular wonder of the transformed new world. And so, until you come and participate in the new world and start to talk about it and hear about it and build it into your life properly in a totally new world way, you can’t know how good this new world is. And anybody can become involved and participate—and everybody should, no matter who you are, what your situation is or where you live. Honestly, if you know this information solves the human condition then you should be participating in the new world at every chance you have.”

“We can each bring more love to the human situation than we could ever imagine possible simply by participating—such as by attending online meetings, and you don’t have to say anything in these meetings, you don’t even need to show your face, but you need to listen and witness for yourself the wonder of the transformation of individuals, and hear people talking about the transformation of the world. And, once again it has to be emphasised that having understood this information you know full well that this is not another pseudo idealistic new age, politically correct or religious false start to a new world for humans, but the real human-condition- understood start to that dreamed of life. This is the real deal, absolutely the most exciting time for a human to exist on this planet, and while it can be difficult making the break from the old habituated life we’ve been living, all you need to do is make a tiny start. You will not regret it, and every human born from the day you decide to become involved will go down on their knees every day and thank you for helping to bring this peaceful, loving, compassionate and suffering- ending world into being.”

In Jeremy's sketch below we can see humanity's long and gruelling corrupting journey to find understanding of the human condition. On top of the hill at the far right is where we are now. With understanding of the human condition now found and understood, we can see the bright new world before us, the world of our soul where flowers seem larger than life and the warm sun beckons us to come back home. LET'S GO!

Humanity's Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment by Jeremy Griffith

September 2021

This summer Bill and I travelled to the province of Ontario to see our son and daughter-in-law. While on holiday there we met up with Karen Riley, founder of the WTM Toronto Centre. Meeting Karen in person, even though we had met and chatted via Zoom inumerable times, was so precious. There's that instant connection through the love and recognition of our shared understanding of who we truly are, of understanding the human condition as put foward through Jeremy Griffith's many works. It was a beautiful “reunion” of sorts even though we had never met face to face. Karen took us on a wonderful bike ride sharing with us many of the highlights and places she cherished in her home town. We enjoyed some meals together, and many meaningful conversations that always circled back to looking at life through the lense of the human condition being solved, and we even got to camp our RV overnight in her driveway! Such a gracious and giving host. We came away with so many wonderful memories we will cherish forever.

July 2021

A favourite excerpt of mine from Free: The End of the Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith, page 151.

“Love-indoctrination nurtured a mind into existence, liberated thinking and orientated that thinking. It gave us both consciousness and our conscience. It has been the most powerful process in all humanity's development.”

And Freedom Essay 21 also gives amazing insight to the process of love indoctrination as evidenced through our closest primate relative, Bonobo chimpanzees.

"The bonobo, the species of great ape that lives south of the Congo river in Africa, is the most cooperative, selfless and loving of all non-human primates, and they are extraordinarily focused on nurturing their infants, as this quote evidences: ‘Bonobo life is centered around the offspring. Unlike what happens among chimpanzees, all members of the bonobo social group help with infant care and share food with infants. If you are a bonobo infant, you can do no wrong… Bonobo females and their infants form the core of the group’ (Sue Savage-Rumbaugh & Roger Lewin, Kanzi: The Ape at the Brink of the Human Mind, 1994, p.108 of 299).

Baby's hand resting gently in mother's hand

May 2021

From Freedom Essay 25, “..... the reason ‘why’ ‘scientists’ ‘deny’ ‘the optimistic arrow’ of Integrative Meaning is because it confronts humans with the issue of our divisive, selfish and competitive, ‘good and evil’-conflicted, apparently non-integrative human condition. The fact is that for a larger whole to form and hold together the parts of that whole must consider the welfare of the whole above their own welfare — put simply, selfishness is divisive or disintegrative while selflessness is integrative. So, consider-others-above-yourself, altruistic, unconditional selflessness is the underlying theme of existence; it’s the glue that holds the world together and what we really mean by the term ‘love’. BUT, again, acknowledging that the meaning of life is to be integrative, cooperative, selfless and loving left humans feeling unbearably condemned as bad, evil or unworthy for our divisive competitive, selfish and aggressive, seemingly-unloving behaviour.”

With the human condition now resolved and understood, we see true love, the integrative, cooperative, selfless theme of existence everywhere we look. We are all manifestations, as is the rest of life, of the underlying theme of existence - love. How completely wonderful is that!

Four beautiful purple starfish in clear natural rockpool

March 2021

While trudging back and forth from our house to the greenhouse today grumbling to myself about the cold weather and my stupid leaky boots, I came upon this tiny little iris poking out through the crusty snow cover. My immediate thought was, “Wow, there's hope!” I stopped and stared at this small delicate flower in front of me and began to wonder, what did I mean exactly by “there's hope”? For spring to come? Brighter days? Warmer days? What? If the definition of hope is a longing for a future condition over which we have no agency, it struck me that now that I have the truth about our human condition, who I truly am, who we all truly are, I no longer needed to live in hope, or long for a future condition that I had no agency over. I did have agency! I immediately refocused and knew with 100% certainty, without a shred of doubt, that understanding of the human condition, as so compassionately and honestly put forward by Jeremy Griffith in FREEDOM, absolutely guarantees that brighter future we have all been longing for. My responsibility in all of this, to myself, to fellow humans, and to life, was simple: keep looking through that lense of truth.

As Harry Prosen said in his Introduction to FREEDOM, "...it delivers the breakthrough biological explanation of the human condition, the holy grail of insight humans have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of our species. It brings the compassionate, redeeming, reconciling and transforming understanding of our lives that the human race has lived in eternal hope, faith and trust would one day be found...”

The truth has been found and we no longer need to live in eternal hope. We now have agency – we have the truth about ourselves. One tiny bold little iris presented an opportunity to sidestep my human condition afflicted resigned mind's old tapes and step into that wonderful, exciting, bright, new-world future!

One tiny purple iris poking out through the crusty snow cover

January 2021

From FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition, Ch.8:2, para. 709: “....In the case of our individual lives now, and in this stage in our species’ journey, the particular identity we needed to find understanding of was why we were behaving divisively when the meaning of existence is to behave cooperatively and lovingly. Until we could answer that question, our development, both individually and collectively, was stalled (or what psychologists refer to as ‘arrested’) in an insecure adolescent state, unsure of our identity, particularly the reason why we haven’t been ideally behaved — and preoccupied trying to validate our existence, prove that we are good and not bad, find some relief from the insecurity of the human condition. So, to mature from insecure adolescence to secure adulthood depended on finding understanding of our divisive human condition.”

As the cover of FREEDOM says, “At last, the redeeming, reconciling and rehabilitating biological explanation of the human condition that brings about the dreamed of dawn of understanding and ends all the suffering and conflict on Earth”.

We now have what we need for the psychological maturation and transformation of the human species!

Thank you Jeremy!

Girl jumping on beach with FREEDOM

November 2020

WTM North America meetings are now taking place on a regular basis thanks to the wonderful Sophie Staffaneller, founder of the WTM Ottawa Centre! This community of people experiencing the positive life changing effect that understanding of the human condition brings seems to be growing rapidly. To be able to confront the human condition and share openly and honestly and engage in real conversations with others about the real compassionate truth of who we are is incredibly uplifting to the mind and soul to say the least!

The understanding we all need to heal the world, to heal our troubled hearts and minds is here at last, fully explained and supported by science! Join in the conversation!

WTM North America Meetings Logo

September 2020

After working for two years in Whistler, BC, and before returning home to France to open his own World Transformation Movement centre in Nice, Lucas Machlein came to visit Bill and I at our home on Gabriola Island.

Bill and Cindy McCaugherty with Lucas Machlein

So many wonderfully meaningful conversations took place over those 2 afternoons as we all shared our experience of the beauty and clarity of what this new understanding of the human condition has brought to our own lives, the importance of sharing this information widely with others, and the sheer power that the truth, honesty and deep understanding of our human condition afflicted 2 million year journey has to heal the world and to transform our lives! What a joy it was to meet Lucas and such a gift to the new world!

Bill McCaugherty, Lucas Machlein and friend